Solid recovered fuel

A solid recovered fuel (SRF) is a fuel produced from waste that could not be recycled.

The main objective of SRF production is to limit the amount of waste sent to landfills and the use of fossil fuels. This approach was started in 2010 and has continued to grow since.

The Environmental Massif Central SRF comes from the grinding and mechanical and optical sorting of:

  • Industrial waste/bulk waste
  • Refusal of selective sorting
  • Household waste
  • Production scrap
  • Auto shredder residue
  • etc

The method for creating this fuel are adapted according to the specifications of our customers and validated by a quality control (PCI, Moisture, Ashes, Chlorine rate…).

Want more information about SRF? The Environnement Massif Central team is available to explain everything about this fuel.

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