What is reverse logistics?

Reverse logistics is for the producers to organise the end – of – life recovery of the products they have put on the market, to ensure they are recycled. As a way of communicating a brand’s environmental commitment, reverse logistics is now a real marketing issue.

Environment Massif Central assists manufacturers in collecting and consolidating end-of-life products and offering them innovative recycling solutions.

Our services to help you to organise your reverse logistics

Thanks to a partnership with the adapted company Astrhalor, Environnement Massif Central offers a set of services to structure all or part of your reverse logistics circuit:

  • Personal approach
  • Organisation or help in setting up a system for returning end-of-life products to the Environnement Massif Central site
  • Package groupings
  • Product traceability, package by package, load by load, producer by producer…depending on the needs of the client
  • Treatment and recovery of waste, including complex waste
  • The drawing up of full reports

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The services of Environnement Massif Central