Since its installation in 2004 on the Causse d’Auge in Mende, Environnement Massif Central has continued to reinvest in its resources so as to make it as efficient as possible, with the aim of increasing value.

Today, we have a site of 21 hectares, including 26 000 m² of covered buildings.

The site includes:

Different platforms

  • Metal and scrap metal
  • Wood and green waste
  • Sorting and storage

These materials are compacted (scrap), crushed (wood, industrial waste) or packaged, in order to be re-routed for recycling.

A professional recycling centre

This recycling centre is a solution for professionals to eliminate the waste resulting from their activities and recycle as required by law.

Logistics Platform

We have a logistics platform equipped with loading / unloading bays for the recycling of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment – WEEE. Located on a specific site of 4,000 m², it includes a building of 800 m², allowing for both covered and un-covered storage. This includes any device powered by electricity or a battery. Everything is run by an electrical outlet or it is battery powered, such as computer equipment. Using a company selected from the call for bids and led by eco-organizations such as ‘Éco systèmes’ or ‘Écologic’, we collect and consolidate WEEE in the neighboring departments of Lozère and send them back to recycling centres.

A recycling plant for printing waste

An innovative process to enhance the value of simple and complex laser cartridges in a dedicated 400 m² building.

More details on printing waste

Two automated sorting plants

In two buildings, each 6,000 m²:

  • A specialized line for the sorting of plastics, it can sort up to 10 different materials
  • A line specialized for the sorting of household waste, bulky household waste and other non-hazardous waste from economic activities.

An energy recovery line

Two Solid Recovered Fuel (SRF) Lines which can produce a lower Higher Performing Computing (HPC) fuel with low chlorine and ash content.

A unit for washing, crushing and the extrusion of plastic materials

In a 4000 m² building, there are three plastic crushing and washing lines and three extruders.

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